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Trim down release build

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In working on porting the scripts, i noticed that there seems to be
quite a bit of duplication in the release builds of lg3d. This mostly
consists of multiple copies of lg3d-incubator.jar,
lg3d-backgrounds.jar and lg3d-demo-apps.jar. I presume most of this is
as a result of our recent switch to the new incubator build system.

Anyways, i went through and modified the ant build scripts to clean
this up a bit. Here are patches for my changes:

To summarize the changes i've made in these patches:

- Exclude demo-apps and backgrounds jars from being copied to the main
lib directory (these end up in lib/ext now).
- Jar target in incubator/build.xml now delegates to the
incubator/build-scripts/*-build.xml to jar themselves, rather than
creating lg3d-incubator.jar (no longer used).
- Remove extras/jar calls from compile target in
incubator/build-scripts/*-build.xml, and instead make the jar target
depend on extras and compile. (Note that in the patch i have only
included one of the incubator build-scripts, simply for brevity; the
changes to all the rest are identical).
- Exclude *.csh scripts and etc/lg3d/classpath/*-dev.cfg files from
release build.

The final result of all this is about a 30% reduction in the size of
the release tarball: last night's build was 95.99 MB, after these
changes, it is only 66.72 MB! If everyone is ok with these updates, i
will go ahead and commit the changes. Please feel free to point out if
i've missed something, or removed something that i shouldn't have. :)

- Colin

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