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problem setting up environment variables for Java2

Posted by azslap on July 17, 2003 at 1:03 PM PDT


This is a desperate plea for help. Being a real novice, I feel out of place here.

I run Windows98. I have J2SDK(1.3) installed. Upon setting my path variable (using 'set PATH=%PATH%;c:\jdk1.3\bin') to c:\jdk1.3\bin and Classpath to c:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\ext, this is what happens.
I go to c:\Project, where my java files are stored. I type javac ( and the file compiles properly. However, when I type java (filename) to run the class I get an "exception in thread main:Noclassdeffounderror: (filename)". My compiled java file is definitely in the same directory(ie. project), yet I get this error. However the compiled file runs perfectly when run from the c:\jdk1.3\bin directory.

If I don't add the classpath line, then java (filename) tells me it can't find the class used(since I use a particular jar file in c:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\ext), which is fine and is expected.

Earlier I had edited the autoexec.bat file using msconfig and sysedit. however when this problem started, i deleted these lines from the Autoexec.bat file(of whic there are three files now, each with a differnt extension). and since have used the " set PATH" and "set CLASSPATH" options. But as mentioned above, though the file compiles properly I get an error message( as explained before) when I try to run the compiled file. Please help. Thanks. Rosh


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Re: problem setting up environment variables for Java2

Add your current dir to your classpath.

Re: problem setting up environment variables for Java2

Thanks I've ogt it working now