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Complete and utter newbie...

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Joined: 2006-02-17

Hi there...i'm a complete and utter newbie to the world of Java...i couldn't tell you the differences between the language and the coffee...except you can spill the coffee, and taste it too.

So what i want to know is:

1. What to download/install on my Windows XP machine
(don't crucify me due to XP please)
2. Where to go to get a decent tutorial.
3. How long it will take me to get a grasp on the
language so i can begin to program. (big programs,
not hello world).

Thanks for the time...


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You can download Java 1.4.2 from:

I don't recommend Java 1.5.x because of so many compatibility problems with it.

On the website there are links for documentation and the "Java Tutorial" which does an excellent job of documenting and explaining most of the basics.

How long it will take you to grasp Java to start coding depends on your previous experience and skill. (could be anywhere from a week to a year to never)