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Disabling JRE auto-update at install/disabling auto-update remotely

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This is a different topic, so I figured i'd start a different topic :)

I'm curious how I can go about shutting off auto-update on my client PCs.
Also, I'm curious how I can disabled from the time I install.

Obviously, the first option is more valuable; but if it can not be done, the second would be okay.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Joined: 2006-02-14

You can do both.

The Java Control Panel can be used to enable/disable configure auto-update on a particular system.

you can also install with auto update turned off by default by using the JAVAUPDATE=0 vlag on the command line.
See the complete install cli at:


Well, I go into Control Panel and manually turn auto update OFF every time I install (except when I forget).