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Quite a noobish question

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I am trying to install the library source and documentation.I was told to do it through a command window.Basically all goes well until I type:
jar xvf C:\..........\bin\

which is supposed to install/extract(?) the libraries.

Then I get this error : :
c:\Program .....( then start some gibberish )

then :
at method)
at java.ioFileInputStream.
at java.ioFileInputStream.

and all this cause in all the programs I make and use import I get a NoClassDefFound error.So any help guys? :O
I am really noob :(

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You need winzip or zip to extract files from *.zip.
Jar is to extract files from *.jar package only. What jar looking for are jar's manifest and selfextractor. And that is what likely missing from your *zip package.