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Viewing local HTML documentation distributed via JWS ?

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I would like to distribute my application with JWS, but also propose some classic installation model.

JWS imposes that all files are in jars. I don't know how to handle HTML help files coming with my application.

My help files are HTML documents, that user is able to see in a browser (with is launched with BrowserLauncher : ). I want these files to be on the local file system, so that a connection is not required to use the application.

How can I distribute those HTML files ? What is the best practice ?

Thank you,
Pascal Wassong

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my help system consist of local HTML documents and the user can view them in a JEditorPane.

I'm not sure whether this will work with Java WebStart, because I don't know whether HTML documents violate the contract of accessing resources via ClassLoader when loading there images.

My HTML documents are loaded from the app with the appropriate ClassLoader. These HTML documents contain images which are located in an image folder relative to the HTML resource folder. The app works just fine standalone.



Joined: 2006-02-04

Hi Stephan,

your solution works only if the HTML documents are viewed only through the application itself. I would like the help files to be viewable through the default browser. So the HTML files can't be embedded in the jar files.

So maybe should I extract the HTML files from the jar, when the application is run for the first time. But where to put those files ? What about write permissions ? What about different OSes ?

Does anybody have some hints ?