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needs 2 attempts to update jws app via proxy server

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Hi folks,

When we try to update our webapp using IE and thru a proxy server, we find that it doesnt see the update the first attempt, ie it launches the older version of the app. However, on the second launch of the application from the browser, we find that it spots the new update and downloads the updated app.

This also seems to be the case for the Webstart App Manager. ie click on a desktop icon and it fails to spot the update, and runs the local version. Close the local version and try again and we see that it fetches the update.

This is all noticed going thru a proxy, and not with a direct connection, where updates are picked up immediately. I realise that the proxy could be caching I dont see how that should require two attempts to spot an update rather than one, and we are happy the new version IS on the seerver by downloading via another route that isnt using the proxy.

Would anyone have any ideas on dealing with this issue?
Is there some setting that can be made somewhere uch that it updates first attempt?



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Joined: 2005-01-05 case its of use to others....

We found out that the webstart update thread was timing out, unable to determine if there was a new update to download. This apparently happens at about 1.5 seconds or so. The local cached version is then launched and the update thread continues in the background, eventually finding there is an update and registering this fact locally with, next launch, it gets the new application.....

In our case, we discovered that we had a domain name resolution issue, and that by replacing the domain name url in the jnlp file referring to the codebase with the static IP address of the server, that webstart works as expected.

Of course, this isnt ideal, if we change ISPs etc, but its a good second line of defence. This issue only happened when working through a proxy server. Direct connects to the jnlp with a domain name worked fine each time....