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deploy JWS on a client XP side with JRE 1.4.2_01

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I want to deploy JWS on a client PC with Microsoft XP OS. This client have multiple users. JWS put a file in the directory "documents and setting" for the current user.
How can I create a uniquely file for all users of this client (new and existing profiles) ?

Create a directory "documents and setting/all users/application data/sun/java/deployment/" with the file don't work.

Create a directory "documents and setting/default user/application data/sun/java/deployment/" with the file is working but is not good for the existing users. This is good uniquely for new users.

is there a solution ?

King regards,

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For windows, the system config file is at:

{Windows Directory}\Sun\Java\Deployment\

The value of the {Windows Directory} is determined by using the Win32 API GetWindowsDirectory.

So for example, on XP, the system config file is:


The settings in this system config file will be used by all users on the system.

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I've tried this and it doesn't seem to work.
I've also tried createing a deployment.config file as per the article and this doesn't work for me.

Has anyone done this successfully??

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This is true.
I can get the system install to work if I add the parameter:

to the file found under:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment

but it will NOT work by adding it to the:
directory. It just creates a new default one in the user's folder.
What am I doing wrong?

If there is not a way to globally set the System Cache location, then this isn't much better than the user cache for being able to "install" the software once on the PC and let any user that signs in access that application.
We had high hopes for this, since this functionality was taken away from us once the java cache started being stored in the user's folders.

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More details:
I just tried setting the mandatory=true setting and it tells me that it is not allowed to start because it can't find the in the same folder (full path is displayed) but I know it is there, because it is the same folder. I even double checked the spelling.
Maybe there is a bug in the way it finds that properties file, or maybe I need to include something in that file that I didn't find in documentation?
All it has in it is the one line:

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I think I finally have it working.

In the following folder:

You should have 2 files.

"deployment.config" which looks like this:

(or wherever you would want to put that file.)

It also looks like you can put it in the webserver like so:


"" which looks like this:


To install it you need a batch file that looks like this:

javaws -system

To uninstall it you need a batch file that looks like this: (I don't think you can uninstall it from the java control window when I tried)

javaws -system -uninstall