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Web Start Integration with MacOS X

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I am developing a Java Web Start application for Windows XP and MacOS X 10.4 (Java 1.4). I don't manage to get a smooth integration into the Mac world because of the following thing:

- The desktop icon cannot be specified in the JNLP descriptor in a platform specific way. Windows uses 32x32 icons of type JPEG or GIF, while Mac comes best with 64x64 icons of type PNG. Does anybody know a way to do that??

- There is a VM start option -Xdock:icon=/path/to/icon, however this options seems do address applications started from the commandline.

Is there a way to integrate real MacOS X icons to Web Start applications?

Thanks a lot
Daniel Frey

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You should be able to include a separate "information" element for each os. For example,


More information can be found here:

Hope this helps.