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SUN Java will not install with IE

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I've uninstall all my sun jre environmnets and downloaded the latest one (1.5.0_5) and was ablr to get it working with firefox. For the life of me I am not able to get it to work with IE6.0. I am running XP sp 2. Under internet options I went to advanced and selected the java tag. I aslo went to security and enabled scripts for java. I tried this with first 1.5 and then I went back and tried an older version 1.48. and still no luck. Can anyone advise on how to get java to work with IE or is it just hopeless?

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Not sure about your problem since you give little information.
Did you try the menu Tools-"Sun Java Console"? Did java console show up when you clicked the menu?
Goto ControlPanel - Java, see tab "java" - "Applet runtime Seetings"


Joined: 2006-05-05

- Go to Windows' Control Panel, click on the Java Cup to launch Java Control Panel (Since you have multiple versions of JREs installed, make sure it's the 1.5.0_0X JCP that you launch. Or just execute C:\Program Files\Java\\bin\javacpl.exe).
- go to "Advanced" tab -> tag support
- click to enable Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla and NS
- click OK
- restart your browser.