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[JAI] 64-bit bundles now available in jai-core project

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The jai-core project has now been updated to
include 64-bit support for the native code for solaris-sparcv9, solaris-amd64,
and linux-amd64. The Ant build has also been updated to accomodate these

We intend also soon to make these 64-bit versions available as JAI 1.1.3-alpha
on the usual download pages. However we encourage you to join the
jai-core project as well and try them out for yourselves.

Another change to the Ant build is that it now recognizes the property
BUILD_TARGET which may be specified via the -D command line option. This
allows bundles to be built for platforms other than the one on which the Ant
build is being run. For example, a linux-amd64 bundle may be built on a
solaris-sparc system. We can only do this of course since we are not actually
building the native bundles. Please refer to 'ant -projecthelp' for complete
information on the build.


Brian Burkhalter
Advanced Development, Graphics and Media
Software Chief Technology Office
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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