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Tutorial for complex Swing design?

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Does anybody know a good tutorial for more complex Swing design?

I mean something like a Frame with multiple tabs, lots of fields, etc that even looks good when it got resized ;)

What I could find so far were only basic introductions like what is a BorderLayout, how to place a buton on it, ...



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Hi Patrick, I provide several tools and demos that may help you learn about do's and don'ts in Swing design. See All these applications are intended to help others; so feel free to copy the UI design.

In addition I provide the Forms layout system that may help you in getting good design and avoiding the bad. Forms comes with an article about layout problems, goals and concepts. Also you can find German and English presentations around these issues at

Also you can preview a larger application at
And I'm going to write about UI issues here at frequently.


Karsten, these links are great! Many thanks!!

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I wrote one that is quite basic; but the code and webstart-example are on line.

The nice thing is that the 'complex design' is generated in quite readable code so you can just read that to find out what happens.
Naturally I suggest to use the designer to do the complex stuff via drag/drop :)


I have completed the first four parts of this tutorial. It's very good. Part 5 isn't ready yet.


Sorry for the repost, but I had exaptions while pressing the "PostMessage" button :(