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Hi all,
I recently developed a desktop based application in which i integrated
flash and vb.(flash handled gui and vb backend eg database connectivity)

I was wondering if same functionality could be achieved with JAVA instead of VB.

The catch is... Its a desktop based app. So no web server
I read somewhere that java supported FLASH Player but could'nt find any texts on this topic...
Moreover i dont want to use Internet explorer which rules out JAVASCRIPT AS intermediate language

If anyone has a clue....Pls advice...

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If i was you I would look into java-com/native integration.

There is a software suite that does it, i cannot remember the name.


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I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but i came across this article at ZDNet that talks about Macromedia's plans to reach out to Java developers with a new set of development tools built around its Flash format (not my words ;).

link was found at JavaLobby