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Reducing Swing memory consumption

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Joined: 2003-08-22

Just wondering...are there any JVM tricks (i.e. command line switches) to reduce Swing memory consumption?

Every time I create a new JPanel or JDialog (each of which have at most 3-4 components in them with very little data) my memory consumptions goes up by 2-3 MB (for a single dialog???) and just seems to stay there.

Maybe there are some GC settings that can be used?

I'm just worried in advance...I have a very basic skeleton of an app, a fraction of the size of what the final one will be and I'm already at 23 MB!

I tried Yahoo SiteBuilder (probably the most complex Swing app out there that is publicly available) and right of the bat it eats up around 70MB. That's a LOT for a single app.

As a comparison, Visual Studio.Net 2003 consumes 22MB.
OpenOffice 1.1.0 (complex app too) = 30MB.