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WinLAF 0.4 Released!

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Joined: 2006-02-17

Release 0.4 of WinLAF is available at This release fixes the following Windows look and feel problems in Swing:

- Scrollbar in Windows has context menu, doesn't in Java
- Missing context menu for text components
- Swing uses wrong font for most controls
- Menus on a menubar contained by a JFrame are not drawn in "de-activated" style when JFrame is deactivated.
- A selected tree node does not change selection color when the JFrame where the tree is added looses focus.
- Button size is wrong in JOptionPane
- Odd JMenuItem indenting rendered under a JMenu
- "*" in a JPasswordField should be vertically centered.
- Arrow keys should change radio button group selection
- JComboBox minimumSize is computed incorrectly
- JButton text is positioned incorrectly

And includes fixes for a further 13 Windows Look and Feel issues from previous releases.

The winlaf project aims to provide a common place for Swing developers to track inconsistencies in the Windows Look and Feel. One goal of the project is to provide a common source of utilities that work around consistency issues. The hope is that eventually, many of the utilities provided here won't be necessary and the underlying issues will be fixed in Java itself. In the meantime, the winlaf project provides a way to make Java applications under the Windows Look & Feel appear as close to their native counterparts as possible without resorting to non-platform toolkits such as SWT.