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Changing the attributes of a TABLE element does not update the view

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I'm trying to set the alignment of a TABLE element relative to an HTML page. My JEditorPane contains a subclassed HTMLDocument.

I had to override HTMLDocument.setParagraphAttributes() like so, to prevent it from changing the attributes of the TD elements as well.

<br />
	public void setAttributes(Element e, AttributeSet a, boolean replace)<br />
	{<br />
		try {<br />
			writeLock();<br />
			int offset = e.getStartOffset();<br />
			int length = e.getEndOffset() - offset;<br />
			AttributeSet copy = a.copyAttributes();<br />
			MutableAttributeSet attr = (MutableAttributeSet)e.getAttributes();<br />
			DefaultDocumentEvent changes = new DefaultDocumentEvent(offset, length,<br />
<p>			changes.addEdit(new AttributeUndoableEdit(e, copy, replace));<br />
			if (replace)<br />
				attr.removeAttributes(a);<br />
			attr.addAttributes(a);<br />
			changes.end();<br />
			fireChangedUpdate(changes);<br />
			fireUndoableEditUpdate(new UndoableEditEvent(this, changes));<br />
			dump();<br />
		} finally {<br />
			writeUnlock();<br />
		}<br />
	}<br />

After this code executes, a dump() shows that the attributes of the TABLE element change, but the view doesn't get updated. So if I change the ALIGN attribute (or any attribute for that matter), the table doesn't move. Changing the ALIGN attribute of a block tag such as H1 or P works as expected - the text inside the tag gets correctly aligned.

What more do I have to do? Any ideas are appreciated.

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I've had similar problem with event generation. Try to fire INSERT event instead of CHANGE.

You can try to add an
AbstractUndoableEdit() with empty arrays of Inserted and removed elements.