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Help with JOptionPane.showInputDialog

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I am trying to create an input pane with multiple input messages, but having problem declaring result object.

private static int calcPay()
double rate, grossPay, taxRate, credit, netPay, finalPay;
int hours, check = 0;
String state;

JFrame inputFrame = new JFrame();
Object[] answers;
Object[] questions = {"Hours worked:",
"Pay Rate:",
"Home State"};
answers = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(questions);


C:\MyJava\ incompatible types
found : java.lang.String
required: java.lang.Object[]
answers = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(questions);
1 error

Tool completed with exit code 1

From API:
A descriptive message to be placed in the dialog box. In the most common usage, message is just a String or String constant. However, the type of this parameter is actually Object. Its interpretation depends on its type:

An array of objects is interpreted as a series of messages (one per object) arranged in a vertical stack. The interpretation is recursive -- each object in the array is interpreted according to its type.

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Scott Violet


I'm not able to reproduce this.
What JDK are you using?