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(Free) GUI Builder Software?

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Joined: 2003-10-11

Hi everybody!

I've been looking for a good GUI / Swing builder software for my OS project. The problem is that all that I've found cost (a lot) of money. The project uses Elipse as IDE. Eclipse is really great tool but completely lacks GUI buikding abilities. NetBeans has a good GUI builder but it uses some control tags (comments) when creating UIs. That makes NB useles since those same classes should be editable with Eclipse also.

Has anybody encountered a good builder that can be used free for non-commercial projects and does not use any hidden markup to do the trick?

Any links are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Joined: 2003-06-11

There are some free visual builders that support the TableLayout and/or the JGoodies FormLayout. Find the references to the latter in the HTML documentation of the free JGoodies Forms; download the distribution and open README.html. See

- Karsten

Joined: 2003-06-30

There's actually a GUI builder for Eclipse, called VE. Have a look at it does both Swing and SWT, AFAIK.

I found it a little less comfortable than NetBeans, which has a great GridBag editor, but it does the job. It also display classes from NB, but not very nicely.



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Try the latest version of Netbeans 4.0 and see if you're happy with it (you're never going to find a perfect IDE). As long as you edit the GUI outside of the locked code, it should be fine. Spend about 5 minutes zooming through their FAQ and articles about working with GUI would definitely help. I develop many app using their GUI and IDE, and have no problem whatsoever, so maybe you haven't looking at it closely enough. (If you want to change some of the GUI thing, you can change them after the init codes, or using the advanced area).