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Are JInternalFrame's GlassPane supposed to == JRootPane GlassPane?

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This is a question Im trying to figure out. It appears the JInternalFrame emulates some of the things the JFrame has, like the content pane and it appears to have a glass pane. Yet behavoirally the GlassPane in the JInternalFrame does not seem to operate the same. For example:

I built a class yesterday called the "Slider". Its a JPanel that when added to a widget, instead of just showing up slides in from a direction. Now I took a JRootPane and made it the backing widget for a JTree/ScrollPane combo. The Slider slides quite nicely when put into the GlassPane there. When put into the JFrame's GlassPane, it slides quite nicely there as well. But when I put it in a JInternalFrame's glass pane its not such a good experience. You can see it slide in, but its just a grey rectangle, when you touch it the widget goes away and a wicked little hour glass pops up.

Hence it appears to me that:
JRootPane.getGlassPane() != JInternalFrame.getGlassPane()
(of course there two different objects, but you get my drift I hope... )