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[Fwd] JDIC and JDNC ?

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Hi all,

On June 1, 2004, JDIC was open sourced at ( Now there comes JDNC (, somebody may wonder what's the relationship between JDIC and JDNC.

Here is a few words on the two projects:

1. JDNC is short for JDesktop Network Components, and JDIC is for JDesktop
Integration Components, which are separate projects: they are developed and maintained
by different teams (JDNC team and JDIC team) and released in different schedule.

2. But they fit into one common goal: to make Java? a richer and more powerful development platform for desktop applications, by significantly reduce the effort to build full-featured desktop applications.

So, though the two projects are separate, there maybe collaborations between them to achieve the common goal later on.

3. They focus on different requirement segmentations:
JDIC focuses on providing Java applications with access to facilities provided by the native desktop, to make them better integrate with and behave like native applications.

While JDNC focuses on easing the development of data-centric, Java desktop clients for J2EE-based network services. Such clients include SQL database frontends, forms-based workflow, data visualization applications, and the like.

You are welcome to participate in/contribute to either(or both) of them.

-George Zhang

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Thanks, George!

We're looking forward to integrating JDNC with JDIC features -- particularly the embeddable browser, which will be very useful with our Link datatype which is rendered as an href in table cells or a label. Currently when the user clicks on it, it has to bring up the content in a separate browser - being able to embed the browser or rendered page directly in the UI would be much more elegant.