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Note on requesting

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We are very enthused that many of you have already requested a "Developer" role in JDNC - afterall, we sent out our plea to join the project and contribute!

However, as with most well-run open source projects, the Developer role (which provides cvs commit access) is something which is earned over time by high quality contributions in design discussions and submitted code changes. We are working on getting a formal policy posted which makes this crystal clear, but until then I didn't want any of you to be dissuaded by our refusal to grant Developer status, because you CAN STILL contribute!

As an Observer, you can pull down the sources via cvs, build them, and make code changes. You just cannot directly commit those changes back to the repository. Instead, you can submit the diffs to us for evaluation and [hopefully] committal. The more you do this, the more we'll know and appreciate your talents :-)

see for instructions.