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semantic driven application

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The most interesting topic on the forum - "only desktops?"

Maybe we can start from describing in xml all information required to render or generate login form. Of course xml have to be free from any technology projection like html or swing.
I have a few ideas how make it's work.
Main idea - using semantic oriented xml.

First step:

Semantic here in types like name or password I called that semantic types.
Semantic based system already know because of semantic rules what it means to be name or date.
For example in database - field with type name will have index.

Second Step:


Third Step JSF form:
It's easy using for example XSLT to create JSF based form.

I have files:

common-class.xml - inside set of semantic class like Login, Company or Person;

projection-rule.xml - inside projection(SQL, JSF) specific rules for different semantic types like identifier, name, code, date, amount ...

presentation-component.xml - inside presentation profile for Command, Input ...

projection-config.xml - just information that define the way how to generate technology projection.

What is wrong with this approach?
I'd like to see some suggestions including other ways to make same things. I doubt that can be simpler version then I described.
I hope to get help from people who has interest in freedom from particular technology. :)