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Re: Link

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You bet. I'm going to be out for the next couple of days (the river
calls...must...kayak), but I'll file one when I get back.

>From: Mark Davidson
>Subject: Re: Link
>Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:51:01 -0700
>Hi Richard,
>The link class represents a hyperlink (URL, display text and target) type
>that can be rendered in a rich component context and will display the
>contents of the url in a browser, editor pane, html renderer, etc... when
>On 07/20/2004 03:04 PM, wrote:
>>I'm thinking that a component more liberal in its intentions such as
>>JHyperLink could be a base class from which JURLHyperLink or some
>>such thing could extend, as opposed to the more restrictive Link
>I think this would be a great idea to generalize this. The curren't Link
>class. Link cell renderer was developed in the context of a demo which
>would bridge the Java Desktop Client world with the sheer number of html
>apps out there representing data entries. The concept was that you could
>use a rich client app like a JDNC master/detail to narrow/filter a search
>and clicking on the link type column would present more details within a
>Could you please file an "Enhancement" Issue with a proposal so we can
>track this?
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