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Re: MetaData

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>Yes, this is a hole right now. We do have plans to implement proper support
>for WebRowSet for use with JXTable/JNTable. We need to make sure that we
>preserve as much metadata as possible.

This is something we should discuss more, then. I'm using RowSets
exclusively right now for my data models so I'm in a position to help out a
lot. I'll be out of communication for a few days, but I'll eagerly look
forward to any messages on this thread when I get back.

>One thing we could do is use the columnDisplaySize property from the
>MetaData as a hint and convert it to pixel values, but only as a fallback,
>if no prototype value or column width preference has been specified. Should
>we do this?

This sounds pretty good to me. Personally in my apps I use
java.util.Preferences on a per column basis for remembering user prefs, so
setting the values manually definately needs to override any
displaySize/width setting. Having the rowset's default width's come through
would be very nice in situations where the user hasn't yet seen the table so
that every column starts out at a reasonable default.


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