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Heads up: workspace restructuring

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Hey All,

I just want to give you a warning that I'm making a lot of changes to
the workspace structure. Curently, we have been mixing our JUnit tests
with our main source tree in src/java. We are going to move to a
parallel package hierarchy alongside with the main source tree.

The new test classes will be located within the src/test directory of
each sub-project. The package hierarchy will mirror the package hierachy
of the main tree. This will give us the advantage of implementing white
box testing - meaning we can add package private methods just for the
sake of testing.

For example, in the current workpace, the ActionManager and
ActionManagerTests are in the following locations:



Many of the test cases are clumped into a few test directories. I will
be breaking them out into separate packages within the parallel test

I'm also doing a lot of build file refactoring.

I will be migrating to these changes over the next week or so. I hoping
not to break anyone so give me a shout if I do.


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