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JDNC features

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I've looked at JDNC and it looks for me very interesting and promising. We are considering using JDNC in a project I am involved in.

There are many nice features we would like to use, however as you admitted
a lot of things are still to be done.
We are particularly interested in
- broader support for JavaBeans as a data source, for instance, handing an array of JavaBeans-compatible classes to a JNTable, to be displayed one per row.
- some kind of windows management - like workspaces in NetBeans
- some implementation of Validator interface based on regular expression
- support for role based access control, to control visibility and activity of components and actions depending on a user's role

As I understand the main purpose of JDNC Markup Language are simple network applications/applets.
Do you plan however to add functionality that it could be possible to set as a source
for JNTable, JNTree, etc. not only URL but also my own DataModel or TreeModel?

Ideally, I would like to describe my GUI in XML, including all components (actions, toolbar, status bar, etc). This should be possible both for standard JDNC components and for my own component (that could extend JNComponent class).
This is as I understand one of JDNC's goals and it is supported now but I noticed that I cannot put a container within another one (e.g. JTabbedPane in JSplitPane). Maybe I missed something? Is it intentional?

It is also not very clear for me how can I integrate markup language with Java code (i.e. prepare GUI using XML and then add behavior in Java) so I would be grateful for some hints.