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Re: Row manipulation in DataModel

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Some thoughts

1) Nice to have new/updated/deleted rows flagged as such so one can handle
them separately when persisting

2) Deleted/removed--simple option of course is to just remove them from
the underlying model, but if persistence is deferred until the user hits
Save, nice to have the row still around in some fashion. Lots of ways to
do that--keep a separate encapsulated model for deleted rows, for example.

3) You mentioned moveRecord(index)--the concept of index maybe needs to be
fleshed out..? Basic question would be--is the index just the current
physical index in the list of rows in the model? Or is it a logical index?
I load the model, have rows 0-99. I then filter. Is index 15 in the
original set still 15 if the filter is removed? What happens if I insert a
row at position 10 when filtered and then remove the filter?


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