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Richard--notes on your incubator code?

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I have syncd the latest from JDNC incubator so have your stuff.

Not finding any HTML or TXT files that describe what you are testing, how
to set up, demos, etc...where should I look?


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Hey Patrick,

I've been offline all of last week, so I'm just now trying to get back into the code. The tests are all located under src/test/org/jdesktop/jdnc/incubator/rbair/, and sub packages. There is an "" file that runs, predictably, all of the tests. In the util subdirectory you'll find some tests for Progression (used in the JavaBeanDataModel), ResourceBundle (not java.util, but my own. It wraps the java.util.ResourceBundle, getting rid of the exceptions thrown), and StringUtils. The StringUtils one is pretty raw, as I recall. In the swing/data package is a test for DataModel. Currently it has tests for navigation only.

Gilles has been working on a demo, located in src/demo/org/jdesktop/jdnc/incubator/rbair/caveatemptor. I hacked the demo on my machine so the caveatEmptor jar wouldn't be needed, but haven't submitted any changes since this is Gilles code and I don't want to make a mess of it. This demo is based on the changes to the JavaBeanDataModel.

As for the code itself -- most of the code is copied straight over from jdnc proper so that Gilles could run the gui. Major changes are in the DataModel, RowSetDataModel and JavaBeanDataModel classes. The event classes have been modified as well, with a general DataModelListener through which all data model events pass (such as meta data changes, rows added/deleted, etc).

A few classes that were in the JGui project have been ported over, but no demo's exist for them yet. They are in the common/dialog/error and common/dialog/login packages. A simplistic splash screen is also in the splash package.

Also, in src/java/org/jdesktop/jdnc/incubator/rbair/resources there is a jpg called "Architecture.jpg". It has a simple whiteboarded drawing of the basic DataModel/DataSource/Binding concept. The arrows indicate the direction of communication (the object being pointed to is known by the object pointing).

Right now my focus is on getting a general demo ready for JavaBeanDataModel using master/detail functionality, along the lines of what Gilles is doing. Hopefully it will be of some benefit for uncovering subtle logic bombs in this design, or perhaps as a proof-of-concept. I was going to do a RowSetDataModel backed demo originally, but after all the fuss about objects over on the binding thread it appears that an object based proof of concept might be of more benefit.

If you are interested in hacking the code itself, find bugs, write tests, hate my comments or whatnot :), feel free to commit the changes to CVS.


Additional comment:

I think there is a general build file that Mark wrote that would compile all of the incubator, but I'm not sure about that. I let my IDE do the work for me so I'm not sure about the procedure if you are compiling from the command line.