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What is SUN’s official commitment to JDNC?

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Hello Amy, Mark and Ramesh,

Congratulations for the JDNC project

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Joined: 2006-02-17

Well seeing as CERN caused this whole mess by
inventing that ghastly browser contraption - maybe they
could devote a bit of resources to helping fix the
problem (i.e. JDNC) :)

Joined: 2006-02-17

ought to clarify the above comment

by problem I mean the world is developing internet
applications using browsers (invented by Berners Lee
while a CERN) i.e. JDNC is the solution to the problem

by help fix it - I mean contribute to open source
source alternative to browsers i.e JDNC - that's
the whole point of Sun Open Sourcing stuff - so
others can contribute...

Mark Davidson

On 09/23/2004 07:26 AM, wrote:
> ought to clarify the above comment

I got it and I thought it was quite witty ;-)


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Joined: 2006-02-17


> I got it and I thought it was quite witty

Yes. Well I had concerns that across the myriad of
cultures the humour might get lost and I'd be responsible
for messing up the huge opportunity that could arise
if JDNC meets grid computing and CERN creativity...


Amy Fowler

Hello Dr. Baggiolini,

You raise a good question that faces anyone who is considering using
jdnc in a production-level project.

Since the project is fullfilling a long-existing gap in our Java
platform offerings, there are many folks out there who really want
to start using it *today*. However, I have to be honest in stating
that JDNC is still in the alpha stage of its evolution. The apis
and schema will likely change [multiple times] in incompatible
ways as we strive towards a 1.0 release. Such instability is likely
unsuitable for many projects; for others, while annoying, it's a magnet
to participate in ensuring the technology meets their project's needs.
The latter case is likely a hardcore minority :-) Early adoption
always comes with risk, no matter what company is behind the technology.

We have just finished an initial draft of a JDNC1.0 project plan which
lays out a vision, features, milestones, and will eventually include a
target schedule. We'll be posting that roadmap to get community feedback
at the end of this month. This might provide you a more concrete feel
as to our overall direction and schedule, because I admit the current
website info is 3 months stale.

Is Sun committed to this project? definitely - it's funding all the
resources behind it and will be increasing the engineering effort in the
nearterm. However, it is not yet part of a committed "product", which
I understand is the golden key you are looking for. There are definitely
portions of JDNC we are already ear-marking for eventual promotion into
J2SE. There are other parts which we consider more experimental in nature
and wouldn't likely make it into the platform without going through the
JSR process. But jdnc's open source license will enable developers to
use the technology as they see fit, regardless of how Sun decides to
incorporate it into the platform or products in the future. Obviously
that model understandably doesn't work for many customers and projects
which require a more official level of 'support' from Sun, hence your

Now I'm an engineer on the project (the danger of setting us loose on
public forums is that we respond honestly to such questions :-). I can get
you a more 'official' position from management/marketing, if that is what you
need to make your decision.

Respectfully yours,
Amy Fowler (Aim)

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Joined: 2004-06-27

Dear Amy,

Thanks a lot for this long, honest and reassuring reply. I’m looking forward to reading the JNDC 1.0 project plan, and to giving you our feedback. In the mean time, we’ll closely follow up the development and try to contribute. We’ll focus on the lower two layers (Swing Extensions and JDNC API) which I admit are more stable than the JDNC Markup Language layer.
Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Vito Baggiolini