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JDNC components in NetBEans3.6

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Mark Davidson

On 09/24/2004 01:47 PM, hilz wrote:
> Hi All:
> I am trying to add the the JDNC components to the netbeans palette so i can
> try them in a swing application.
> when i go to Tools > Install New JavaBeans , and select the jar file
> "jdnc-0_6-all.jar" (this is in NB3.6), I get the following message:
> "The selected JAR archive does not contain any JavaBeans components.
> If you built this JAR yourself, perhaps you did not include the required
> Java-Bean:True attribute in the JAR manifest.
> Please see the Javabeans Specification for details."
> is there something i am doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. A Manifest has not been created for
jdnc-all which tags classes in an archive as JavaBeans.

I've just filed Issue # to track this problem.

FYI, you may want to use NetBeans 4.0 for using JDNC componenents. I
have found NB 4 to be easier to use and easier to import components.

I'll detail these steps in a separate message.


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