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jdnc components in netbeans

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Joined: 2005-10-06

Hi all,
i tried to post my question on the mailing list, but it does not appear to work. so here i am posting it here too.
i appologize if it appeared in both places.

so here it is:

I am trying to add the the JDNC components to the netbeans palette so i can
try them in a swing application.
when i go to Tools > Install New JavaBeans , and select the jar file
"jdnc-0_6-all.jar" (this is in NB3.6), I get the following message:

"The selected JAR archive does not contain any JavaBeans components.
If you built this JAR yourself, perhaps you did not include the required
Java-Bean:True attribute in the JAR manifest.
Please see the Javabeans Specification for details."

is there something i am doing wrong?
please advise.

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Mark Davidson
Joined: 2006-02-17

The "JN" components which are built in the jdnc_api subproject are the high level components which wrap JDNC functionality and present a simplier JavaBean oriented view to 3rd party IDEs.

Here are the steps to import JDNC components into NB 4.0. JDNC_ROOT means the root directory of your local workspace. Lines prefixed with a "$" represent commands (Unix style).
1. From a JDNC workspace build the project:
1.1 $ cd JDNC_ROOT/make
1.2 $ ant

2. Build the JDNC BeanInfo classes.
This step requires xdoclet (
See JDNC_ROOT/jdnc_api/make/beaninfo.xml for details.
2.1 Install xdoclet.jar
2.2 $ cd JDNC_ROOT/jdnc_api/make
2.3 $ ant beaninfo

3. In NetBeans 4.0, Create a JDNC library
2.1 Start the NB 4.0 IDE
2.2 Open the Library Manager: Tools -> Library Manager.
2.3 Create JDNC libary: Select the "New Library" button
2.3.1 Library Name: JDNC
2.3.2 Library Type: Class Libraries
2.4 Add the JDNC runtime jars
2.4.1 Make sure the JDNC library is selected in the tree
2.4.2 Select "Add JAR/Folder"
2.4.3 From the file chooser, select JDNC_ROOT/dist/bin/swingx.jar
2.4.4 Repeat the last 2 steps and select jdnc.jar and jdnc-dt.jar

4. Add JDNC components to the Palette from the Library
4.1 Open the Palette Manager: Tools -> Palette Manager
4.2 Select "New Category" to create a JDNC palette
4.3 Add components to the selected JDNC palette
4.3.1 Select "Add from Library"
4.3.2 Select "JDNC" then "Next"
4.3.3 Select the "JNEditor" class
4.3.4 Repeat the above steps for JNForm, JNTable, JNTree, JNTreeTable.

One important note is that these JN components are still a work in progress. It is my focus to develop these within the next month to make it easier to import and use in IDEs.