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JDNC Build for 10/01/2004 has been published

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Mark Davidson
Joined: 2006-02-17

Hello all,

I've uploaded last nights builds and they are available in the following location:

Some of the changes to this version since the last published build (09/03/2004) include:

Resolved issues:
7 Exception when clicking on a link type when using the run scripts
9 Ignored NullPointerException in TableColumnExt
20 runner.Application.getObjectRealizer( ) should be public
34 Can't use a specific subclass of JForm with JNForm
38 MetaData needs displayWidth
41 There is no public way to determine selected nodes in a JTreeTable
46 MetaData ?label? property is not being used as the default header title
49 Add method to JXTreeTable to control editing of hierarchical node
50 IllegalArgumentException from betterTable.jdnc
53 JXDatePicker does not implement get/setCalendar
56 Column alignment of markup is not respected in JNTable
77 MetaData.setRequired(boolean) ignores boolean arg
87 AbstractBinding should expose pcs for subclasses
92 JXDatePicker gets stuck in least complex format
93 Do not use AA fonts in JXTable header
94 Undo/redo in JXEditorPane doesn't work if no-arg ctor used

Additional changes:
- Bug fix: Deactivating all columns in the ColumnControlButton will hide the entire table
(fix suggested by Marc Logemann)

- Added some demos and more unit tests.

- Fixed javadoc errors.

Thanks to Jeanette (Kleopatra), James Todd, Marc Logemann and others that contributed fixes and feedback. I apologize if I left off your names.


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Joined: 2004-03-11

Just to let you know this is appreciated.
I have some in-company code running and will be trying to keep this in sync with the jndc package.