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(sorry if this is a duplicate - looks like the post from the mailing list did not come through.. :-(

yet another experiment :-)

it's in the incubator, demo/src//UserItemDemo. It tries
to achieve a similar goal as Richard's JavaBeanPanel - the table in the
end is still missing - by chaining DataModels. Doing so enables
automatic form creation and binding. The class doc of the example has
some more (sparse, I must admit) details.

Richard, as you see, I still try to go without the "collection-ness" of
DataModel (being stubborn :-). But I think you could apply a similar
technique to pull the adaption (DataModel --> TableModel) out of your
TableBinding (which should be as dumb as possible, I agree fully with
you in this respect).

A nice working day (mine's over now - at least as far as swing is
concerned :-)