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introducing new Sun team members

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Hey all -

We've been a little quiet the last couple of months, mostly due to some internal restructuring and project
planning which has [sadly] distracted us from the code. Thankfully, we're almost through that process and our
end of things should start picking up again shortly.

I want to introduce 3 new Sun team members coming online to JDNC (this does NOT include the individual we hope
to hire for the REQ I posted a few weeks back):

o Ann Sunhachawee (anns97) User-Experience engineer with strong background in defining the UE for development tools
o Bino George (bino_george) Development engineer with heavy background in AWT internals & GUI programming
o Alexander Zuev (kizune) Development engineer with background in Swing, JavaBeans, and AWT development

We're hoping to fill the additional engineering position with an experienced app-level developer shortly. stay tuned.


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Andy Depue

Yeah, more GUI developers! :-)

- Andy

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