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JDNC HTML editor/browser.

I've been able to incorporate a *minimal* HTML editor/browser by simply
using JXEditorPane. Alas, it is not quite complete but I feel it is very
close (eg missing are table, ul, image). I feel the remaining work is
likely trivial (eg dialog popup to manage attributes) and I also think
that it is compelling for JDNC to include an HTML editor/browser of it's
own. It has certainly worked out nicely thus far.



- james

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Subject: Re: html editor: ekit
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 08:41:37 -0800
From: James Todd

Going with another editor, vs JXEditorPane (from JDNC) is fine except I
think that giving JDNC a go at this space is optimal and if feels like we
are 90% there. Of course, the remaining 10% may be the hard part, not sure.

All that remains are tags like:


It should be easy to incorporate dialogs that prompt one to complete the
attributes for the above.


- james

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Henry Story wrote:
> Using the Prot

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It would be good if stuff like table support were part
of the *general* JXEditorPane rather than specific to the
*JXHTMLEditorPane* is there is such a distinction, and if
that is not already the case.

I would also recommend looking at

Which seems to be coming along apace.