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JDNC book avaialbe at

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You can now buy a book on JDNC RiA-SoA or download a free preview w/ TOC and a toolkit at

This will be a nice xmass gift for all of us.

Sun JDNC has recently posted development of new Swing Extensions. This is much improved Swing. Combined with WebStart one can now make a powerful RiA-SoA w/ Java. The project at (not for profit) has support for RiA/SoA and a subproject sandra.jar that hels you get JDNC working right with SoA. It’s a real toolkit to build things with and fully MVC.

I have done production projects in competing Laslo and Flex and found them lacking on performance and features and found JDNC approach better for RiA.

Also, there is a 1st book on JDNC as RiA/SoA that you can buy online as PDF. It has 10 recipes on master detail, CMS, etc. Trust me, no one gets rich as an author, this will just cover development and online paypal costs,etc.
A part of the purchase price will go to support Other open source sites such as ASF.
You will get recent upgrades to the book at no additional charge.