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[FYI] Status of Reorg

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I'm happily experimenting with the project reorganization, doing class
refactoring and trying to separate packages in projects that can be
built hierarchically.

ATM (things may and will change), here is the separation I think that we
can achieve:

- org.jdesktop.swing -> things that should be in javax.swing
- -> utility classes to create an Application,
with the Action helper stuff
- org.jdesktop.swingx -> extended versions of Swing's components,
with extra functionality already built in
This includes the 'decorator' stuff
- org.jdesktop.binding -> the binding stuff
- -> the data loading stuff
- org.jdesktop.jdnc -> the JDNC components
- org.jdesktop.jdnc.markup -> the JDNC markup stuff

In CVS there is only a part of the above refactoring, but while
proceeding, I wanted to have some initial feedback if possible. :-)

I have found the "Application" class to be quite pervasive, and I will
try to remove unneeded dependencies by inverting the control. It would
be nice to get rid of the static stuff...


Nicola Ken Barozzi
- verba volant, scripta manent -
(discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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