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Newbie question: introductory docs?

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I've just started looking into JDNC with a view to tap directly into the Swing Extensions layer. What I'm looking for is some brief description of what extra features are provided by JXTable, JXTree etc over their pure Swing counterparts. The API docs don't seem to say much, is there some other online doc somewhere that I've missed?

Thanks in advance,

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Joined: 2004-09-29

Many thanks for your help, Richard. I've managed to try out some of the features of JXTable and JNTable, like highlighters and column control. Rather cool! I think the column control widget is only available on JNTable.

Thanks again,

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Hi Keng,

I don't know of any official documentation :(. I can give you a (very) brief rundown on JXTable:

1) A "ColumnControl" widget on the table that allows the user to view/hide specific columns
2) The table is sortable by default
3) The JXTable supports row highlighting (such as alternate row highlighting) without custom renderers
4) Has search capabilities
5) I think it has filtering... I know we've talked about it anyway.

Good luck, and welcome to JDNC