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News from AceMDI ???

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Hey all,

i've posted 2 mails to the AceMDI manager without answer for the time
being, may be the email address is wrong on ?

i've suggested one very very small improvement :

let MDIIcon being created from jar files using another constructor
namely MDIIcon(URL url) {}

and also i've have a smal quirk on MDIVien#setTitle() only for
JXTreeTable the title instead of being "Appellations" becomes
"Appellations [][][][]" internally.

however, using MDIFrame > View > Set view Title everything works fine.

That's to say the title is entered manually in a dialog window instead
of in a java class.

What sounds strange to me is that prob arrise on JXTreeTable only BUT
the String is enterred at MDIView level...