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Some comments on rbair incubator classes

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Joined: 2003-06-10

Hi all,
I've had a cursory look at the classes in rbair's incubator.

May I say I find the JavaBeanDataModel/Progression stuff a little bit weird? In my opinion, a direct AbstractDataModel subclass that works with a List/array of beans would be more intuitive, and would also be the bean counterpart of the TabularDataModel. Another reason is that JavaBeanDataModel extends DefaultDataModel, which in turn declares itself as a single record data model. I would keep the difference between data models that deal with single records and tabular data models, and create the subclass above.

Will the DataSource stuff and the master/detail be merged into main? If so, do you have any idea on how to handle beans that come from a web service? It seems to me that, in this case, a new DataSource subclass needs to be created for every form, and possibly a DataModel subclass too... since we have to subclass the datamodel anyway, why can't we put the DataSource functionality right in the DataModel? You said yourself that they are tighly coupled...

Best regards
Andrea Aime