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Adventure Builder--images not bg threaded?

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I am in the awful situation of using dial-up access right at the moment,
as broadband is down, and as I launched Adventure Builder I found that
scrolling between rows was horribly slow. Once the row is loaded and the
image displayed, I can move to prior rows quickly, but new rows take

I don't see any threading in JXImagePanel--is this on purpose? Is the
Adventure Builder developer supposed to do this in a SwingWorker thread?

My thought would be that images should always be loaded in a background

Let me know if I am somehow running the wrong code or etc. I have the
latest CVS and have built locally.


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Joined: 2003-07-08

Uh oh, you got me! Ya, what's happening is that the images are referenced in the database via urls. The Binding is passing the URL to the JImagePanel which is then loading an ImageIcon based on the URL. ImageIcon blocks... hence the problem.

This month is component month, and this is one of my top todo's for this week (which is rapidly coming to a close). So, what should be done? Loading in a background thread is easy enough, but some kind of graphic, image, animation, message, or something needs to be associated with the image panel until the image is finally loaded. I thought about trying to borrow the image that Applets show, but that could be pretty obnoxious if you had 15 blocking images. I could always do it the web browser way and have some dinky icon in the image box. Or, maybe some standard java graphic or something that is at 25% translucency.