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UI Delegate question

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Joined: 2004-07-23

Sorry for the beginner questions, but I don't have much experience with the L&F internal workings.

I have a working sample of a grouped column header for a table. I created 3 classes to accomplish this. One of the classes is a custom UI delegate (ColumnGroupHeaderUI) that handles the painting of the header. The sample works well except that it doesn't adhere to the default L&F. After reading up a little on the Swing architecture, several things are beginning to make sense. I need a few questions answered before I can go any further, however.

1) My table header component sets my custom ColumnGroupHeaderUI component as the delegate, and sense none of the L&Fs out there will have a matching UI component, it won't adhere to the default L&F?

2) In order to get my column group header to display the groups correctly AND use the default L&F, I would need to create a custom TableHeaderUI component for each supported L&F? That way I could combine my special paint logic for the column groups with the L&F's paint method. (i.e. create a BasicColumnGroupHeaderUI, MetalColumnGroupHeaderUI, etc.)
This appears to be how other "new" Swing components are being done, unless I'm missing something.