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JDNC XML Schema discussion on menu / tool bar items (actions as items?)

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Joined: 2005-05-18

Your (JDNC) XML configuration files define the concept of a action, and a tool bar, menu bar, and popup menu that can be populated with actions. This model seems a bit simple - what happened to the item?

We're creating a next generation XML EMS client using 100% Java technology, etc.., and are entertaining using JDNC in parts. When possible we strive to make our XML configuration schema match JDNC with intentions of migrating to JDNC once it is mature. However, we ran into places where we needed to diverge from your schema.

Menus and tool bars are for the most part populated with buttons but occasionally things like check boxes, or drop down menus (think fonts), etc., go in the menu. I am having a difficult time modeling this concept using just the JDNC schema. It seems the concept of an item is missing? It doesn't belong in the action (for obvious reasons).