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RFE: build.xml

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Joined: 2003-06-10

Is it possible to include the following tiny snippet into build.xml (right after ):

The advantage is, that the "external" developer knows, that its settings in the file always succeed and does not need to study/doing a lot of research to understand the netbeans xml fragments (which are btw not self explaining) ...

Also is used in many OpenSource projects for customizing the build process, so many developers would already know ...

A could be included in the CVS and nobody has to worry about breaking stuff. E.g.:

# well, since there is no version property defined, we do it for later use = ${}
product.version = 2005-06-26

# define a non-existing directory to avoid testing - comment to enable tests
test.test.dir = /non-existing/directory

# If tests are enabled, ant needs to know the path to the junit stuff

# debug settings - fine tuning seems to be impossible with the nb stuff
javac.debug = true

# Other [common] build properties to load = ${user.home}/config/ant/

# class files should have deprecation info
javac.deprecation = true

# additional javadoc params
no.javadoc.preview = true
javadoc.windowtitle = ${} ${product.version}
javadoc.version = true
javadoc.additionalparam = -sourcetab 4 -link http://dev/java/j2sdk/docs/api \
-taglet taglets.ToDoTaglet -tagletpath /usr/apps/javax/taglets.jar \
-doctitle "${javadoc.windowtitle}" \
-header "${}Version ${product.version}"

# give the ToDo a special touch - this must be included in a real target -
# but there is no -post-javadoc :(
#.todo { background-color: #FFCCCC; }

# additional compiler args
javac.compilerargs = -Xlint:unchecked -Xlint:deprecated

# compress jar.files
jar.compress = true

# tbd: find out, how to exclude package.html from jars