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VLSolutions has LGPL VLJTable

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Hey all

Just saw this link

Quick look--a table with multi-col sorting and filtering (appears as
"first row" in the table).

The code is licensed under the LGPL, downloadable on the last page of
the article.

In SwingX, I think the multi-col sorting should be possible with the
pipeline approach, although I think the decision was to not show
sorting arrows for more than one column, correct?

Filtering--seems that again there is a flexible solution in JXTable,
although the VL approach of an Excel/Access "first row" filter is
nice. Reminds me a little of the proposal a few months ago for a popup
search field when one starts typing. Both Excel and Access have a sort
of "auto-filter" feature, which also builds comboboxes automatically
per column, which at least for medium-size data sets is nice to have.

Anyway, just check out the "competion"!

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