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Action names not showing up in JXTaskPane

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Joined: 2005-06-10

Hi All,

I began toying around with some of the SwingX project this week, kudos to all involved - this is just what the JavaDesktop community needs.

One thing I've been trying to do is get a sample app up using JXTaskPane components.

Here's a code snippet:

JXTaskPaneContainer cont = new JXTaskPaneContainer();
JXTaskPane tp = new JXTaskPane();
Action a = new ReflectedAction("Test", this, "doSomething");
panel.add(cont, BorderLayout.WEST);

ReflectedActionis an extension to javax.swing.Action that simply calls a method on the provided object.

My problem is that the action does not show its label in the JXTaskPane.

Any ideas?


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Joined: 2005-06-10

Never mind :) it's working.

The action framework I'm using was not localizing the Action, and it had no NAME property assigned.

You must be sure that any Action objects you add to it have a NAME property - which is just a good idea anyways.