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Confusion about SwingLabs mailing lists

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Just looked at the wiki and noticed that the link to the mailing lists
leads to the swingx project subcription page. As far as I remember the
swingx dev and users are more or less dead ends (there's even a high
priority issue filed: :) because by
general consent all discussion is handled in a central mailing list.

It's a Wiki - so I started to clarify the entry a bit to guide to the
swingx page for subcribing to the technical notification (like cvs,
issue tracker) and the shared XX for both users' and developers'
discussions ...

... got stuck with the XX: I can't figure out which of the dev/users in
which project _is_ the shared. The address on my discussion mails is - but that's a relict from the beginning of the
world according to jdnc :-)

So first question: to which of the SwingLabs univers' mailing lists to
subcribe so that a post like this reaches the shared list?

And more generally (Richard?): what exactly is the current state of
affairs? I remember that there were some ideas how to clean-up like
alias every dev/user to some main, replace all sub-project dev/user
subcriptions with links to a central, ... but can't remember the final


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