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JXErrorDialog problem

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Joined: 2005-08-27

What has happened to JXErrorDialog.

It used to work.

The example in the JavaDocs shows null as the owner, but if I use null I get an NullPointerException.

The documentation for the constructor shows a Component as the owner parameter type, but if owner is not a Dialog or Frame I get a ClassCastException.

The documentation also states that if the owner has no window a default frame is used.

I (am pretty sure I) used to be able to call JXDialog.showDialog from anywhere, even from non-GUI classes and pop up a dialog.

While I'm on it, the details section of the JXErrorDialog shows multiple lines of messages, but the error message section doesn't.

If I have two error messages to display I have to put them in the Details section and make the error message 'see Details for details' or similar.
Would it be possible to show multiple lines (one string with nl characters) in the error message section also?