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Data Binding Status

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There has been a tremendous amount of interest in data binding and we
have been a bit vague as to where we are going. I want to assure the
community that this was not our intention. We are firmly committed to
data binding, and it is one of the most important things we will be
focusing on in the near term.

So then, what is the status you ask? Richard has a few minor issues to
iron out, and will then commit the work he has been doing. Hopefully
this can be completed within the next month, if not couple of
weeks. The version Richard commits is primarily aimed at getting
feedback from the community, and will not necessarily be the final

Leading a project as large and important as swing labs is no simple
task, and takes a considerable amount of time. As such Richard will be
focusing on leading swing labs and I am taking over data binding. I
welcome all and any feedback you may have on this subject.



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