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Welcome to the JDIC forum!

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Joined: 2003-09-09

Hi and welcome to the JDIC forum!

JDIC is a new project that will enable applications written for the JavaTM platform (Java applications) to integrate more seamlessly with their native desktop environment. Initially the project supports features such as embedding the native HTML browser, programmatically opening the native mail tool, using registered file-type viewers, and packaging JNLP applications as RPM, SVR4, and MSI installer packages. As a bonus, an SDK for developing platform-independent screensavers is included.

Our project homepage is at , the full announcement at This forum is synchronized with the jdic mailing list on If you prefer mailing lists to forums, please sign up there.

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Joined: 2003-08-14

Mozilla's problem has also been solved.

The problem is that java code is looking for the embedded browser in the mozilla installation directory instead of javaws' cache. That's because a few months ago, it is impossible to run embedded browser from outside mozilla installation directory, so we always assumed the embedded browser should be in mozilla directory. But from mozilla 1.7 (maybe earlier), we can run embedded browser from anywhere with setting %GRE_HOME% to a proper mozilla gre directory (usually it's C:\Program Files\Common Files\\GRE\version_number) and adding %GRE_HOME% into %PATH%.

I'll update the source code as well as the webstart demo soon.

Joined: 2003-08-14

The IE's problem has been identified - it's because we have a security checking before every page load like this:

SecurityManager security = System.getSecurityManager();
if (security != null) {
try {
security.checkConnect(url.getHost(), url.getPort());

If the test failed, we'll stop IE from loading this url. Obviously, most page accessing can't pass the webstart's security sandbox.

Mozilla's problem (on Windows) is more complicated, I'm still working on it.


I've had the same problem on Win XP with IE. Loads up the page just fine but like the other posts it just hangs.

Joined: 2003-08-14

Are you behind a firewall? If so, you probably need to check the proxy settings. The browser component will try to use the preferences settings from the "last-used" profile. Please make sure your proxy settings are well configured in that profile.

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This appears to be an interesting project. Integration with the underlying O.S. will aid usability... I webstarted the browser app, but it would not find any of the urls that I entered.
Did you encounter that problem.. I am using WinXP and mozilla is my default browser.
Do you have any suggestions that would aid in fixing this problem?

Joined: 2003-06-12

The browser appears to hang when searching for a URL (even http://localhost/). I'm using Mozilla Firefox and WinXP.

The file explorer works well.

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